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Dental Specials and Offers

Stabilize Your Denture - $3999

What is “denture stabilization?” Denture stabilization is a technique Dr. Sharara uses to secure dentures against the gum line. To stabilize the denture, Dr. Sharara places two implants that the dentures are able to attach to seamlessly. Because of the secured fit, denture stabilization results in a higher level of comfort, since the dentures are held in an optimal position. 

Some of the benefits of stabilizing your denture include: 

     • Restoring proper chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health 

     • Improving speech and confidence

     • Increasing comfort with less irritation of gum tissue

     • Ending the coast and inconvenience of denture adhesives

     • Preventing bone loss

     • It is a minimally invasive procedure

     • Often utilizes your existing denture



In order to complete the procedure, Dr. Sharara will need to take a 3D x-ray and create a surgical guide to determine the optimal placement of the two implants. We are currently offering this procedure for $3,999, saving our patients over $4,500. We also offer payment plan options up to 18 months interest-free, resulting in payments as low as $225 a month. **If a bone graft service is required, this service is at an additional, separate cost. Also, if denture reline is necessary we will submit the service to your insurance company for a benefit estimate**

If stabilizing your denture is something you are interested in, please contact our office and we would be more than happy to help you set up an appointment, and/or answer any of your questions!


Mounds View Family Savings Plan

In an effort to serve you in a new and different way, our office has created the In-Office Dental Savings Plan. This is a savings dental program, not dental insurance. This program is offered to our patients who do not have dental coverage, or patients who have used their dental insurance benefits for the year. 

Who                                                                           Enrollment Fee

  • Individuals, spouses and dependents are                • Individual $299 per year

    eligible and children under age 19 or full                 • Additional family Member $ 259

    time students up to 23 of age.​​​​​                                     The fine print: (Membership dues are to be paid in full at time of                                                                                                                                                                 application for minimum of a twelve (12) month period and are non-                                                       What                                                                                         refundable once any treatment or service has been performed)

  • The In-Office dental discount plan is an                Membership Benefits

    alternative families or individuals, who                   • All necessary x-rays including a full mouth series 

    want excellent dental health coverage                     taken every 3-5 years

    without the barriers of a traditional                         • Two periodic examinations per year

    dental insurance:                                                  • Two routine oral prophylaxis (cleaning) per year

         º No waiting periods                                           (prophylaxis only, not advanced hygiene services

         º No large annual maximums                              such as scaling and root planning, full mouth

         º No deductibles                                                 debridement and periodontal maintenance)

         º No missing tooth clauses                                • Fluoride treatments for kids are limited to twice per

         º No hassle dealing with insurance companies      calendar year, until the age of 18

 When                                                                      Reduced Fees

    • Benefits begin IMMEDIATELY! Members               • Dental services are offered at 20% less than the

      must remain on the plan for a minimum of              normal office fees. Payment for the above services

      12 months to receive benefits. Renewal is               is due at the time of service, and all payments are

      a year from enrollment date.                                  made directly to Mounds View Family Dental.         

Where                                                                      How

     • This Savings Plan is only usable at                        • Fill out the application and submit along with

        Mounds View Family Dental.                                   premium payment and you’re effective immediately

                                                                                   to start receiving benefits and discounts for your

                                                                                   dental needs. That’s it!