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3D X-rays And CT Scans At Mounds View Family Dental

Mounds View Family Dental is one of the select general dental offices to use 3D Cone Beam dental imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning. The 3-D Cone Beam scan provides better patient care by giving a more detailed look at existing teeth, bone, nerves and tissue. This is the latest technology in x-ray machines, providing three-dimensional and multiple cross-sectional views that allow surgical and restorative mini implant treatment planning.

Cone beam technology is an important breakthrough for dental implant therapy. Our scanner gives us a three-dimensional image of a patient’s jaws and allows for precise mini dental implant placement. With this technology we can usually place the implants and set the dentures or teeth on them during a single visit to our office.

The 3D cone beam scan is faster than traditional x-rays. We capture the digital images within seconds and transfer them to a computer with the capacity to analyze and plan the procedure. This allows us to share the images, and the treatment plan, with our patients. The speed of the scan and the immediate results allows us to better communicate the specific dental work that must be done.

This technology has more benefits for our patients. Radiation exposure from cone -beam scanners is significantly less than from hospital grade scanners. Radiation exposure from cone beam scans is often less than from a full-mouth dental series of traditional x-rays.